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Exert is made of PCM (Phase Change Material) and high thermal conductivity materials (moves heat rapidly) which creates a fast acting smart body coolant that recharges. Exert gets sprayed once on the body and activates only when there is a skin temperature spike. Exert doesn’t feel cold when applied but instead works by drawing heat away from the body only when the body needs it. When skin temperature rises, Exert activates and cools the skin by 2 to 6 degrees. When body temperature drops to normal, Exert recharges and is ready to cool again without the need to reapply.

Spray on once to get all day protection

How it works How it works
One can lasts 4 to 6 weeks for most customers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use Exert?
    Simply spray anywhere you experience excessive heat or sweating.
  • Do I need to apply when I am having a temperature spike?
    Not at all. Exert was designed to be applied before you experience any type of temperature spike or flash.
  • Do I need to reapply Exert throughout the day?
    Exert was designed to be sprayed on once to get all day protection. You may have to reapply if you go in water or after showering.
  • Does Exert feel cold when applied?
    Not unless you are having a skin temperature spike. Exert only draws heat away from the skin during temperature spikes, providing cooling when needed most. When body temperature flashes above normal our patent pending technology “kicks in” and automatically cools the skin. When body temperature drops back to normal it quickly recharges and is ready to go again when needed.
  • How long does one can of Exert last?
    It depends upon individual use, but one can typically lasts 4 to 6 weeks for most customers.
  • Will it stain my clothes?
    Exert does not leave any residue or stain clothing.
  • Does it smell or contain any fragrance?
    Exert is fragrance-free. The natural product smell disappears after application.
  • Is it safe?
    Yes, all ingredients in Exert are safe for use as described. Exert is for external use only and should not be ingested. Please read and follow all the safety instructions listed on the can label.
  • Does Exert contain any aluminum, heavy metals, or alcohol?
    Exert does not contain any aluminum or heavy metals, and is alcohol-free.
  • I sweat a lot on my back, how can I spray Exert there?
    The Exert can is special and can be held in any direction including upside down and function perfectly. To spray your back simply reach around or over and spray.
  • How does Exert feel going on?
    Exert feels slightly oily for the first few seconds after applying and then simply feels smooth on the skin, like a hand or body lotion.
  • Can I use Exert in place of anti-perspirant?
    Anti-perspirants are designed for under the arm or armpit use. Exert can be sprayed anywhere but works best all over the body where heat can be released from the skin.
  • Does the spray can contain any CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons)?
    Not at all! The Exert Spray uses pressurized air that is safe for the environment and does not harm the ozone in any way.
  • Does applying more Exert make it work better?
    No, you only need to apply a small amount where needed (1-2 second sprays) for the product to work best.
  • Why does the spray not come out or sputters?
    Exert is temperature sensitive. Simply place the entire can under running hot water for 10-20 seconds and it should work fine.
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Spray on skin prior to skin temperature spike. If needed, gently wipe with hand for even coverage. Do not spray directly on the face. Spray into hands then apply to face.


  • Exert spray is AH-mazing! Easy to use and truly helps with sweats, hot flashes, and menopause.
    - Allyson Bethune, Olive Branch, MS
  • This product is amazing! It really, really works!
    - Jill Peterson, East Peoria, IL
  • I followed the directions and it works! Exert helps me keep my cool when a hot flash threatens to ruin my day. I recommend it to my friends and customers.
    Pat Wynne, Pharmacy Tech. Narragansett, RI
  • You have a customer for life! Exert keeps up with my body. It is great to have a product to depend on to keep me dry and keep me cool!
    - Robert Jeffries, Grand Forks, ND
  • My name is Lara and I have been a hairstylist for 15 years. Along with my career comes blowdrying, high heat and chaos. I have tried traditional methods, deodorant, powders, etc. Nothing has worked for me. With 8 to sometimes 10 hours a day, it can get hectic and warm.

    After trying Exert, I have noticed a tremendous difference. I notice as my internal temp rises, I am immediately cooled down. It is light and unscented, which is perfect for me with all of the products I use not to clash. It has made a happy work environment with feeling cool and dry all day. It works... Take it from me!
    - Lara Matton, 35
  • I have used Exert body coolant several times before going to the gym to workout. Being an overweight older adult, I sweat quite a bit and experience hot flashes during my workout. With Exert body coolant on my face, neck, chest, armpits, and arms, I do not sweat as before and actually feel coolness on my arms, as my body heats up. My face and neck are slightly moist and I do not get red when I hot flash during the workout. After 2 hours in the gym, I still feel warm but the excessive sweating does not occur. I was skeptical at first, but Exert body coolant really makes a difference in the way you feel and appear to others. I would definitely recommend Exert to people who sweat a lot and are experiencing hot flashes.
    - Anita, from Livonia, NY
  • I have been using this product for a almost a week now and I just have to tell you I am very, very pleased. Not only do I not sweat as much, my skin looks so much better! I'm not itching at night, I'm not sweating on those awful hospital sheets I'm on. And I'm no longer using moisturizer! I also use it on the bottoms of my feet, and they stay dry. I am so much more comfortable! I highly recommend this to anyone who's not very mobile or even women going through the change of life. I mean for hot flashes this WILL help! I've tried everything. I was so glad when my pharmacist called me and said I should try this. I will continue to buy this product as long as you manufacture it and I'm going to tell everyone about it!
    - Mrs. Judy Riddle, Carthage, NC
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What others are saying

  • Tampa Tribune
    The first time I tried EXERT, right before going to bed, I was skeptical. I used it only on my torso - which is where the heat always starts. And it worked. I usually have a hot flash within minutes of getting into bed - and I could tell one was coming on - but it was as though it hit a force field and couldn't make its way through.
  • Concord Monitor
    Monitor ad rep Sherri Cote tried it. The first day she tried it, by dinner time, she realized she hadn’t had felt hot all day. “I just thought, ‘Oh, this is cool. It actually worked,’ ” Cote said. “You know those informercials you see on TV and you think there is no way that is going to actually work? But this worked.”
  • The Zebra
    Exert is the ONLY option for Hot Women!... It’s happened one time too many that I have been sitting or standing perfectly still and suddenly I feel as if my entire body is on fire... It’s a spray intended to help regulate skin temperature, whether it’s due to menopause, hot flashes, stress, medications, anxiety, excessive sweating or physical exertion, and it really works!
  • Posh Seven
    Is menopause firing you up?... Exert is a "smart system” that draws heat away from the skin during temperature spikes, providing cooling when needed most.
  • Lucky Magazine
    During NYFW, backstage there are a lot of tricks to keep the mascara on models. Along with the dread of a designer, having to clean out cosmetics out of a gown with a 10k price tag, there’s a little secret – EXERT Body Coolant. This product is designed to spray before you get dressed and keeps your body temperature stable.
  • High Heels and Hot Flashes Blog

    High Heels & Hot Flashes

    I usually only have to use the spray at night, but let me tell you, I just spray and sleep like a baby all night long!

  • From articles to TV to the web, Exert is everywhere!

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One can lasts 4 to 6 weeks for most customers.
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